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Customized Cattle Care

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Greenhaven Animal Clinic offers comprehensive bovine services customized for the needs of the individual producer and herd, including breeding, artificial insemination, and embryo transfer services.

Consult with our veterinarians for herd wellness care, including vaccinations, nutritional needs, and a reproductive program. We address all bovine foot and lameness issues, offering preventive trimming prior to breeding season and foot care that meets your herd management needs. Our roll-over foot table provides a safe means for foot trimming and lameness diagnosis and treatment and can also be used for surgeries when needed. Our facilities include holding and sorting pens and a hydraulic squeeze chute with neck extension for processing, as well as for standing surgeries. This allows us to process cattle in all weather conditions–quickly and safely with less stress for you and your animals.

Aside from basic herd wellness and care, we offer extensive bovine reproductive services with breeding soundness exams, artificial insemination, embryo transfers, and reproductive ultrasounds.

Breeding Soundness Exam

Limousin beef cattle in a country field grazing grass
One of the most valuable and often underutilized services available to producers is the bull breeding soundness exam (BSE). The BSE allows us to assess a bull’s potential breeding fitness. Ideally, this would be performed well in advance of the breeding season. Areas evaluated include:
  • Scrotal size, shape, and consistency
  • Sperm motility
  • Sperm morphology
  • Penis shape and size
  • Feet and legs
  • Body condition
Bulls make up half of the breeding herd and should be managed as carefully as the cow herd to ensure a brief and productive calving season.

Bovine Artificial Insemination

Highland cattle calf lying in high grass
Artificial insemination in a bovine herd allows for the genetic improvement of the herd through the use of superior sires. Greenhaven Animal Clinic provides artificial insemination services for our bovine clients.

Several methods for synchronization are available, and we can set up a synchronization program for your herd. Semen may be stored in our nitrogen tank, and we can order semen from outside sources for our clients, if needed or desired.

Bovine Embryo Transfer

Momma Cow and Calf
While artificial insemination allows for genetic improvement through the use of superior sires, embryo transfer allows for the increased contribution by superior females in your herd. This means a greater number of calves can be generated from valuable females than would be the case if only artificial insemination was used. We provide embryo services ranging from full flushes to direct transfer of embryos frozen elsewhere. In addition, we have the ability to freeze embryos as needed.

Bovine Reproductive Ultrasounds

Cattle for meat production in pasture in the Sao Paulo State
Pregnancy diagnosis by ultrasound has several advantages, including:
  • Pregnancy diagnosed as early as 28 days of gestation
  • Twins can be more precisely diagnosed
  • Detailed information about fetal health and viability
  • Fetal sexing between 50–90 days gestation
The technology of reproductive ultrasound is safe and relatively low in cost, making it a necessary tool for the herd manager. Greenhaven Animal Clinic offers skill and experience in the use of reproductive ultrasound.

If you are interested in information about our bovine reproductive services, we are pleased to answer your questions or concerns. Allow us to describe in detail our artificial insemination protocol, to discuss the benefits of bovine embryo transplant services, or to schedule your breeding soundness exams.

Please Contact us to set up your herd wellness program and explore how Greenhaven Animal Clinic might enhance your herd productivity.

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