Noel- Shih Tzu


Noel, an 11 year old Shih Tzu, came to see Dr. Bill to get oral surgery performed. Noel was diagnosed with Stage 3 Periodontal Disease and had several teeth with resorptive lesions. These lesions cause the tooth to essentially eat itself. These specific type of tooth lesions are not very common in dogs, but are fairly common in felines. In almost all cases, these teeth need removed. In this case, however, the lesions were not too advanced and she received a crown amputation. Noel did have several other extractions. She is now in great oral health and is doing great!

My dog, Noel, had a very positive experience during her dental procedure. The staff and Vet’s are all wonderful and very knowledgeable. Noel was treated very well and spoiled. Thanks to Greenhaven!!

-Janet G.

Noel Groth Before
This is Noel’s teeth before surgery. You can really see the periodontal disease has taken its course in the top left corner of her mouth.
Noel Groth After
This is Noel’s teeth after surgery. As you can see, some of those diseased teeth were removed from the bottom jaw.
Noel Groth Before
This is also Noel’s teeth before surgery. Once again, you can really notice the periodontal disease on the top teeth near the gumline.
Noel Groth After
This is Noel’s mouth after surgery as well. Once again, you can see that we extracted some of the teeth from the bottom due to advanced periodontal disease.